"Dont worry about a thing"

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Leave us with the Details

It may be that you don’t have time to organise your event because you are working flat out already, or there are more vital claims on your time such as the daily management of your Organisation so you just cannot spare staff who are already rushed off their feet or resources for staging your important Event.

We at The Events and Planning Organiser Consultancy (South West) completely understand that you are looking at our Website because you want an Expert (a Professional who does this every day of their life and who has the experience assisted by teams of Contacts who are the very best at what they do) to take care of all the details of your Event for you.

Initial Consultation with the event designer/consultant

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Just Enjoy Yourself

We can relieve you of all the worries about getting your Event right so that all you and your guests have to do is simply turn up, enjoy the occasion and have a great time which is what an Event should be.

The Events and Planning Organiser Consultancy (South West) also understand that it is very much, “Your Event” that is why our one Free hour no obligation Consultation with the design Director still allows you to control and design your event and relay its objectives. We will exceed your expectations.