"Dont worry about a thing"

The Events and Planning Organiser Consultancy (South West)

Three decades of experience

Developed over three decades of experience in the Commercial World with a vast experience and knowledge to include the leisure and hospitality industries, marketing and public relations, the building trade, the legal profession and the all important, ‘school of life.’ Alongside this Jane has successfully raised a son (now 26) and a daughter (now 16).

Both in commerce and family life Jane has always enjoyed planning and organising events and parties and coming up with ideas to make every event really different and unique.

With a keen eye for detail, strong organisational skills and with a wealth of contacts who are also professionals, Experts and leaders in their field, Jane has naturally become an Event Industry Professional who will work closely with you to ensure that your Event is perfect.

Why Choose Us

Nowadays there are more parties and Events than ever before whether they are Weddings, surprise Birthday Parties, children’s Parties, Celebrations of Life, Christenings and Anniversary Parties or Corporate Events, product launches, celebrations, store openings, political events, charity events, team building, in fact more events that you could imagine.

We understand that these days people are keen to hold Events but they are too busy to organise it themselves. So who can you turn to:-

The Events and Planning Organiser Consultancy (South West) can save you money and cut lots of costs for you because we know which suppliers to choose and how to negotiate, armed with this knowledge and bargaining power.

We really enjoy organising parties and Events and with a keen eye for detail we can come up with ideas to make your Event experience really different.

It’s a little like buying Insurance, we have expertise in running Events and have developed a sixth sense that stops problems occurring. And, in the unlikely circumstance that the worst did happen we will know how to save the day.